Questions and Answers

Do I have to undertake the modules in a particular order?
Module 1 is a prerequisite for all further training modules and the Modules 2-4 build on it successively in this order. These are the so-called core modules, all other modules can be undertaken, assuming a sufficient level of prior training, whenever places are free.

I am more interested in experiencing more about myself than in a training qualification. Which modules are more suitable for me?
Many modules are immensely valuable as self-awareness courses or as individual training modules.
The experiences from Module 1 are essential for understanding the other modules. Module 2 expands on Module 1 and Module 5 can also be taken as a standalone course.

I already have prior experience of bodywork in warm water. Do I still have to begin with Module 1?
Where a participant can demonstrate that they have undertaken a comparable training with corresponding course content, we will recognise such training. Similarly course content for Modules 5, 6, 7 and 8 can be recognised for certain professional groups or from external training courses. You will be asked to show some form of proof as well as details of the course content.

How long does the training take?
Depending on one’s individual goals, training will typically take between 1 and 3 years. Participants do not need to undertake the entire training in one go, allowing participants to adjust training to suit their own personal rhythm of life and learning.

I have previously undertaken training sessions at the Institute for Aqua Wellness according to the previous training guidelines. How does the new concept and certification levels affect me?
Those who have undertaken the complete training programme to become an Aqua Wellness Bodyworker, including Basic Training, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 (i.e. previous levels 1 - 6) correspond to the certification level Aqua-Wellness-Bodyworker – Advanced.
Those who only need to complete Advanced 2 (Levels 5 + 6) will have a final opportunity to undertake the course in its existing form from the 20-27 September 2009.
In general, people who have begun but not completed their training can decide at any time to take part in one of the three certification levels. We will evaluate each case on its merit and make an individual recommendation detailing what stages still need to be undertaken.