Dream Yoga

Deep Listening

In July, 2006 I had an astonishing experience: I got to know a black, poisonous snake, who helped me to understand a tantalising pain in my left shoulder, which I had to deal with for months, to accept and to let it go at last – after a row of other therapeutic measures did not lead to the success. How could that happen? I met Dr. Joseph Dillard and the method developed by him: Dream Yoga. And I was so fascinated by my first experience with the fact that I began immediately with the study of Dream Yoga and use it since then for myself and others with big joy. How often we are stuck in our life! Conflicts in the partnership, the family, the occupation. Illness, old and new, internal and external wounds. Mostly we search for the solution or help from the outside, any capacity will already know what is to be done to cure us or to remove the problem. But over and over again we do the grievous experience: It does not function, or only cursorily. To find out, that our own soul exactly knows where we are stuck and what it needs to escape from it, frees us and independently for a selfresponsible life and action. In ourselves is something which is healthy and whole - and a unique way to get there. To learn how one listens to this part, while one questions aspects and characters from the dreams, is not only illuminating, but has also a playful ease. It supports us, to identify the important life issues. While we learn to listen to ourselves deeply, we have access to our own internal wisdom and can cure our life, balance and transform. A "yoga" is every spiritual path whose purpose is the unity with the divine. Dream Yoga teaches to use our dreams to support us on this path and to increase the core qualities of confidence, compassion, wisdom, acceptance, inner peace and witnessing. By the way: In the course of the last months I have found beside my black poisonous snake still many other new friends, under it a water lily, a dolphin, a crystal heart, who accompany me in the most creative kind on my life. Dream Yoga has become in the shortest time a valuable enrichment for my own development and a very actual, helpful supplement for the body-therapeutic applications.
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