Liquid Bodywork®: Aqua Wellness and Liquid Sound®

Carried by gentle hands, immersed in underwater music

Liquid Bodywork„The bodytemperature thermal saltwater feels soft and pleasant on my skin, and I entrust my body to the water. With gravity suddenly suspended, I float on the surface with no effort. I am surprized to realize that all I have to do is to do nothing.

Next, there is a gentle touch, my neck and back are being supported and softly moved back and forth. The guidance of the bodyworker allows me to let go even deeper. All along I am permeated by the music and the songs of whales and dolphins played under water. Time and space are long forgotten, I feel I am becoming an oceanic being myself. When I eventually emerge from the experience, it is with a smile on my face and a sense of gratitude ...“

A truely exceptional experience: Aqua Wellness bodywork in a Liquid Sound® pool. German multimedia artist Micky Remann developed the Liquid Sound concept and installation. „Bathing in light and music“ aims at transforming the Spa into a piece of art and the water into a stage for new dimensions of listening and relaxing.


Remann got the idea for Liquid Sound from musical interactions with wild Orca whales in the Pacific Northwest. He took it up and developed hard- and software that would redesign the pool to become a kind of holistic concert hall. Liquid Sound®, Toskana Therme Bad Sulza , an idyllic Spa in eastern Germany became a magnet for visitors from all over the world ... That entertainment and therapy can form a happy union in the Liquid Sound pool is strikingly evident when you see the blissful expression on the faces of people who just had an Aqua Wellness session. To be held lovingly, to be moved weightlessly through the water, sometimes perhaps even under water, is a very moving, healing experience for most people.

And the good news are that you don’t have to be sick to see your aquatic bodyworker and to benefit from immersing yourself in a pool that is filled with flowing sounds and colored lights. Everyone gets something out of it: healthy people enjoy letting go of the challenges of their „landbased“ work routine, or to reconnect with a sense of joy, lightness and vitality. Stressed managers come to recharge their batteries, valueing the fact, that relaxation happens so fast and efficiently while being passively moved through the water. Pregnant women find it a great relief to have most of their weight suspended and to be able to feel the deep emotional bond to the unborn child. The new water therapies have also been applied successfully in the healing process of people .