Hawaiian Bodywork

Hawaiian Healing Massage

Hawaiian BodyworkWhat‘s the difference between Hawaiian Bodywork and a classic massage?
Even the first impression makes clear, that this bodytherapy is more than just a massage. The origins of the Hawaiian Bodywork are the mysterious „Kahuna-Massage“, which was an initiation-ritual in former times. The Kahunas where the shamans of Hawaii. The aim of the massage was to awaken the „Spirit“ as the most intimate inner part of a human being. The Hawaiian Bodywork is based on three elements. The first of these elements is the touch in the form of a massage. At the beginning of the ritual the person is covered with warm fragrant oil. Not only with hands, but also with the hand joints and the lower arm the client is being massaged from head to toe. Sometimes the massage is very strong and dynamic and sometimes gentle and soft. Long energetic massage strokes are combined with deep tissue massage and gentle joint release. Touch and breath: Using a special breathing technique the giving person fills himself with energy up and can by this transfer the energy into parts of the receiving person, where he or she is not breathing into. This breathing technique is called „Mana“ or „Pico Pico“ - Breathing - which means universal energy.
Touch and breath and dance: While doing the massage, the giving person will move around the massage table with certain step techniques, which are origin in the Hula-Tradition. So the massage movements comes from the pelvis. Hula Dances are dedicated to the goddess Pele, the fire goddess. Fire, Earth, Water, Air: Through touch, breath and dance the giving person can get into trance and in contact with the elements. Sometimes the client tells after the massage, that it has been like a storm, which turned her or him upside down. Or like the sea, very quiet with soft waves and there was only silence and emptiness and the feeling of coming home.

Hawaiian Bodywork is a very fulfilling experience for both, the receiving and the giving person. This bodywork is playful, very sensual and with deep effects. It enhances the feeling of being alive. Hawaiian bodywork is a journey from the basic powers of nature through the body to the heart.