This Training is a focused continuation course with strong emphasis on learning more complex techniques, on refined intuitive waterwork, as well as the professional work with people in water. Comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge will be taught, which enables you to work professionally as an Aqua Wellness bodyworker.


I. Bodywork in warm water
- Learning an big variety of complex Aqua Wellness techniques above and under water
- Imparting movement categories of all the different Aqua Wellness techniques
- Intensified work with the subjekt "intuition in the waterwork"
II. Integration on land
- Broadened anatomical background knowledge
- Broadened medical background knowledge
- Emotions in the water and how to work with them
- Dealing with your clients projections
- Communication skills & conversation techniques
- Aqua Wellness "Business" - how to set up a professional practice as an Aqua Wellnes Bodyworker
- Integration and transformation of your waterexperiences, meditations