The basic bodywork training in warm water. It is a profound selfexperience for everybody, who would like to connect with the element water in a new, playful and relaxed way and who wants to experience its healing qualities. Beside the practical learning of the Aqua Wellness techniques in the pool, you will be supported by the theoretical learning process on land. You will also be encouraged to rediscover your intuitive abilities, which are particulary so essential for bodywork in water.
Every day you‘ll spend many hours in the warm water of the pool, to learn and practise the basic techniques of Aqua Wellness. It is an important part of the training to receive and experience as well as to give and practise a lot of Aqua Wellness sessions. This process also allows you to dissolve any negative memories, which you still might connect to the element water. The protective space of the group gives you a lot of trust and space to process and integrate your waterexperiences. Through this bodywork in water you can have a good look at your openess and relation to your inner male and female energies, your ability to give and to receive, as well as to lead and to surrender. These are very important core issues in experiencing and understanding the psychological effects of Aqua Wellness.

This training will be a beautiful and unforgettable process and an enrichment for you, if you want to rediscover, enjoy and celebrate your body, emotions and life energies. If you are already an accomplished and experienced bodyworker, this watertraining will offer you very interesting new aspects into your previous work, which will benefit tremendously. Also you will experience a very beautiful and nourishing time for yourself.

I. Bodywork in warm water
- Learning the three sequences of an Aqua Wellnes session and their specific basic movements
- Relaxing bodywork and massage-techniques on the watersurface
- Bodywork, stretching, waving and spiralling techniques, joint release and holding positions under the watersurface
- Facilitation of breathing techniques above and under water
- Exercises for steadiness and centering in the water
- Practice of body and breath awareness
- Sensibility about the breathing-reflex

II. Integration on land
- Integrating and transforming your own process in the safety of the group
- Dancing, centering- and grounding-exercises
-The art of touch
- First anatomical background knowledge
- First medical background knowledge
- Working with theoretical training-papers
- Meditation